We all get stuck from time to time

If you feel your life has over run your practice or path, my suggestions are these:

  • use a simple short practice daily, I like to use a breath pattern – just a constant reconnecting to the thread that is your practice. Pay attention to your breath.
  • use your morning or night time get ready rituals to look into a mirror and reaffirm: your magical name, your current path, or the actual thing you are currently working on.
  • charge a glass of water and drink in the positivity
  • go for a walk in a forest and sink into the Natural world
  • find a rock and allow it to re-center you
  • reaffirm for yourself, as you do for others, the positive energy you want to give them whether it is cooking, cleaning, or gift giving and wrapping
  • Allow the things that can be dropped to drop to make room
  • Get enough sleep to dream
  • Go simple find/remind yourself the joys that lead you to this path

Don’t ask yourself for too much right now, ease into your practice, but try to be consistent w/o beating yourself up. This is supposed to be a positive path not a guilt based path.

Bright Blessings