True seeing is about reshaping your awareness. We are taught many definitions of reality when we are young: this is a cat, that is a desk, dirt is not food, bugs are bad.

But we are magicians, witches, magic walkers, shapeshifters, edge walkers, Earth worshipers, etc. Because we are that type of being we know there is more than we were taught, more than what makes us “safe.” More than what makes us “fit in.” Things you cannot buy with money.

We stretch our awareness with tools like breath work, shadow work, intentional walking, ceremonies, rituals, fasting, chanting, trance movement, fire circles, drumming, etc. We use what tools call to us to find the more, that deep inside us, we know exists.

Over time through experience, we find that we need to dance in and out of practices and experiences that help us perceive the more, while allowing ourselves to function in the world we live in.

We walk that edge of society, where we strive to see outside the boxes we were taught. We try to create new patterns, healthier patterns for connection with the world.

That is what causes others to see us as challenging, maybe even dangerous, when most often we are visionaries trying to create a better world for all beings.