One practice that might be useful is to make time to connect to the 4 quarters of the day. BTW if you want to do this don’t feel bad if you have to set an alarm on your phone.

I am a big lover of dawn and the beginning of the day. Many I work with are more enamored of the twilight of the day. Both times are where energy shifts from one thing to another and it is a loose more open time when things are less defined therefore they can have more magical potential. Noon on the other hand is mid day the power point of the sun’s path, a time when things are more defined and more clear. Midnight is the heart of the darkness, when without artificial light we can breath in the mystery of what cannot be seen. Remember these are my interpretations from my experience, yours may be different where you live.

In my community, we call these connections to the natural cycle where you are attunements – attuning to the cycle of the day. You can also connect these four points to elements if you work with those. Dawn would be air, Noon is fire, Twilight connects to water and Midnight to earth. So if you are doing a specific working/task/ritual that needs one of those elements and you have built a regular daily connection with that time of day – I am sure you can see how that could boost the working.

This is an addition to working with the moon phase or the solar aspects. It is great to build connections with patterns in Nature to augment magic.