Spells or Not

Yes, it is true that we – especially when beginning – think magic spells will make our life easier. It is the draw of magic to see what it can do for us, how it can affect the world.

But over time we learn that magic makes life more interesting as in “may you live in interesting times” (an English curse blamed on the Chinese.) In other words it does not always/often make life easier. Richer and more interesting yes, more immediate yes, but easier not really.

It is good to think of all magical actions/requests as having a shadow side, and that the shadow side is not “bad” or “evil,” but is the fullness of the action you are taking. Sometimes it is that fullness that helps you grow to the next place in your pattern, even though at the time you may not perceive that as a good thing. In fact that is often the case that what you draw to you makes you grow whether you want to or not.

Magic taps into an energy that is larger than we can imagine, so when we work with it there needs to be a humility and an exchange.